Marshall County Joint Economic and Community Development Board (JECDB)

(Lewisburg, Chapel Hill, Cornersville, Petersburg, and Marshall County)

Director – Emily Darnell
1106 Courthouse Annex,
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Email –
Office – 931.359.5536
Mobile – 931.655.0108

This is the main group in Marshall County that allows collective representation for the county and municipal government as a whole. Many other sectors of the community also have representation such as education, industry, retail, health care, infrastructure, community development, agriculture, tourism,chamber of commerce, recreation, etc… The JECDB offers a genuine attempt to determine key issues facing Marshall County and to outline an agenda for achieving a prosperous future.

Purpose of JECDB: “Foster communication relative to economic and community development between and among governmental entities, industries, and private citizens.”

The JECDB follows the guidelines of Public Chapter 1101 from the General Assembly of State of Tennessee as directed in the T.C.A. 6-58- 114 legislation.

Monthly Meetings are scheduled every second Tuesday of the month.

JECDB Action Items (On-going)
Long Term Planning accomplished through regular communication and cooperation:

2016 -17
Review of Future Water Supply and Duck River Watershed
Zoning and Design Guidelines for Corridors
Transportation Planning Partnerships
Long Term Growth Planning per Entity for County, City, and Towns

Affordable County-Wide High Speed Internet / Broadband / Fiber Optics / WiFi
Henry Horton State Park Improvements
Gas Line Infrastructure Lacking in Cornersville / South End of the County

Three-Star Program: “designed by state government as a road map to assist local communities in their effort to achieve excellence in community and economic development.”

2016-17 Projects

Spot Lowe Technology Center:
  • After School Program
  • Work-based Learning Program
  • Skills Competition Events
Marshall County Jail:
  • High School Equivalency Program (HSE)
Marshall County Schools Health Coordination:
  • Exercise Activity Program

JECDB Full Board Committee Representatives 2016-17

21 Member Board
  • Mike Keny Marshall County Mayor, Marshall County
  • Tony Beyer County Commissioner
  • Anna Childress County Commissioner
  • Emily Gordon County Three-Star Retiree Committee
  • Mary Johnson Mayor, Town of Cornersville Representative
  • Scotty Brock Cornersville Town Administrator
  • Jim Bingham Mayor, City of Lewisburg
  • Edmund Roberts Lewisburg Community Development oard, (JECDB Vice-Chairman)
  • Eddie Wiles Lewisburg Industrial Development Board
  • Jackie King Mayor, Town of Chapel Hill
  • Mark Graves Chapel Hill Town Administrator
  • James Owen Mayor, Town of Petersburg
  • Chuck Coble Retail Representative, Coble Furniture Center
  • Vicki Cain Chamber of Commerce President
  • Will Wilson Industrial Representative, Comfort Research,
  • (JECDB Chairman)
  • Phyllis Brown Health Care Representative, Marshall Medical Center
  • Mickey King Greenbelt Representative and County Commissioner
  • Timmy Terry Service Provider Representative, Duck River Electric
  • Lyn Stacey K-12 Education Representative, Spot Lowe Technology Center
  • Matt Lewis Higher Education Representative, Columbia State Community College
  • Jan McKeel Career Advancement Representative, South Central Workforce Alliance
Non-Voting Members
  • Emily Darnell JECDB Director, Marshall County
  • Greg Lowe ECD Director, City of Lewisburg
  • Randall Dunn City Manager, City of Lewisburg
  • Ritaanne Weaver Chamber of Commerce Director
  • Cary Whitesell Parks and Recreation Director, City of Lewisburg, (JECDB Secretary)

Marshall County is an equal opportunity provider and employer.