Marshall County Animal Control 

Animal control in Marshall County is handled by two animal control officers who work out of a building at 300 Woodside Avenue in Lewisburg, TN. Often referred to as the "dog pound", this clean facility/shelter is open to the public. A person is on call each weekend for emergencies.
A countywide leash law has been in effect for several years. The law requires that an animal be confined to its owner's property. Outside the property, the animal must be on a leash. A dog with a vicious nature such as a Doberman or pit bull must be muzzled when walked on a leash. The law also requires that a pit bull be confined to the owner's property within a fence that extends a depth of two feet and has a covering over the top.
If an animal control officer gets a complaint about a stray dog, the officer will pick up the dog and hold it for at least three days. During this three day period, the officer will try to find the dog's owner. If the dog is not claimed in three or four days, it will be considered "adoptable" as long as it has no serious diseases.
Cats are not picked up or housed for adoption. Please do not abandon your cats or kittens at the animal shelter.
The dog adoption fee is a mandatory one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125), which covers the cost of three shots and spaying/neutering. If the dog has already been spayed or neutered, the fee will be reduced to twenty-five dollars ($25). An adopter will receive a voucher which can be carried to a local veterinarian who will perform the necessary procedures on the dog. The voucher is good for one month.
Unfortunately, many animals are never adopted. A local veterinarian is paid to put these animals to sleep in a humane way.
For animal control services or more information on a dog adoption, please contact us. We want to enforce the law, but we also want to see pets returned to their owners. We are here to help.

Jason Williams, Director
(931) 359-7215
230 College St.
Lewisburg, TN 37091
Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:00a.m. till 3:00p.m. Friday 7:00a.m. till 10:30a.m.

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