Historical Museum 

The Marshall County Historical Museum, located in the Hardison Office Annex, was established in 1996 by the Marshall County Historical Society. The museum houses hundreds of artifacts of Marshall County and its residents. Exhibits include primitive hand tools, a loom, spinning wheel, examples of handmade furniture, medical apparatus and instruments, World War I and II memorabilia, vintage clothing and jewelry, ladies’ hats created by Jack McConnell, old quilts, albums of pictures, high school annuals, early cameras, and information on the three governors who were elected from Marshall County. Quarterlies published by the historical society since 1970 are available for purchase. While an attendant is often sitting with the museum, specific hours are not designated. Admission is free. Appointments are welcome and encouraged by calling Lynda Potts at 931-359- 4489 or Charles Nichols at 931-224- 5197 or Don Jeter at 931-359- 4732.
Marshall County is an equal opportunity provider and employer.