Boating Licensing Information

To register the boat you must bring a Bill of Sale, an existing State Boat Registration would be helpful. State Sales tax is 7% of the purchase price. For purchases in excess of $1600.00, an additional State Tax of 2.75% and is added up to a maximum $44.00. Local Sales Tax is 2.25% and is capped at $36.00. There is a $7.00 recording/collection fee. This tax procedure is only for boats transferred by individuals. Dealers coordinate registration, etc., when sale is made by their business.

We also can renew your boat registration. Please bring your current registration card or your TN numbers that are on the boat.

For More Information and Regulations visit requirements

The Marshall County Clerk’s Office now accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover Credit card payments for most services.
*Convenience fees do apply.