Job Opening: Emergency Management Planning Officer (Full-Time)

This position is responsible for planning which includes writing and updating such plans as the County basic emergency operations plan, hazard mitigation plan, debris management plan and others as necessary.  This also includes the submitting of these plans for local, TEMA, and FEMA approval.  Included in the job is assisting with plan review and suggestions for other partners such as school safety, industrial safety, healthcare facility safety and others.  This person will assist in event planning and submission, which again has to go to state level offices.
This person serves as the Tier II coordinator for the county.  The position also maintains the department inventory, conducts research and performs other duties as suggested.

This person must:
  • be 18 years of age be a citizen of the U.S. and Tennessee.
  • be a high school graduate or equivalent
  • not be convicted or guilty of a felony and, have a valid Tennessee driver's license
  • be a graduate having received a baccalaureate degree, or be a graduate and have received an associate's degree and have two years experience in emergency management or a related field, or possess four years experience in emergency management or a related field.
Have knowledge of the principles and practices of emergency management, emergency management planning concepts, disaster response and the functions of government and private organizations, laws and regulations relating to emergency operations, computer skills including multiple operating tools and systems, and the operation of other basic office equipment.

Possess the skill and ability to:
  • plan, organize, assign, inspect and direct the work of others
  • evaluate situations and make coherent decisions
  • express ideas clearly, concisely and convincingly, both orally and in writing, including communicating under stressful situations
  • establish and maintain an effective working relationship with the public, businesses, industries, volunteers and employees.
  • Operate an emergency response vehicle and communications equipment, work from a mobile unit outdoors in all types of weather conditions during emergency and simulated situations.
 The Planning Officer also has the following duties and responsibilities:
  • performs under executive direction (LEMD / Deputy Director) in conjunction with elected and appointed local government officials and private volunteer and civic organizations
  • assists in collecting initial disaster intelligence information, extracts essential elements of information and prioritizes the use of critical resources prepares and transmits situation reports to TEMA as directed by state procedures
  • assist with damage assessment information and coordinates relief activities through the LEMD and the regional and state emergency operations center
  • promotes and supervises the development of various emergency management related public education and information services, such as training programs, brochures, speaking opportunities and media programs
  • assist with developing and maintaining an emergency operations center to ensure direction, control and continuity of local government during emergencies and disasters
  • conducts hazard analysis, capability assessment and vulnerability analysis and makes periodic updates
  • provide assistance to private sector organizations on issues pertaining to emergency management and homeland security
  • provide resource coordination and technical assistance during major emergencies and disasters
  • prepares after action reports as required
  • develops and implements activities relative to emergency management within the territorial limits of the emergency management area for which the director has jurisdiction
  • develops and implements the National Incident Management System (NIMS) to mitigate, prepare for, response to and recover from major emergencies, terrorist events and disasters, and performs duties directed by the LEMD.
The candidate must attain the following minimum education—Minimum training and education established by the LEMD, FEMA courses established by TEMA.
HAZMAT Technician Level is encouraged and Operations Level is required.
Damage assessment certification required.
Must maintain currency in new technologies.
Pass a background check and drug screen
The candidate should live within a 30 minute response of the Marshall County EOC.

Certification Requirements:
  • IS 100 Incident Command System Introduction
  • IS 200 ICS for single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS 300 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents
  • IS 400 Advanced ICS Command and General Staff Complex Incidents
  • IS 700 National Incident Management System
  • IS 800 National Response Plan
  • IS 701 Multiagency Coordination System
  • IS 706 Intrastate Mutual Aid
  • G 715 Damage Assessment Workshop
  • G 191 ICS/EOC Interface
  • IS 775 EOC Management and Operations
  • S 775 TN Emergency Operation Course
  • IS 120/139 Exercise Design
  • IS 230 Fundamentals of Emergency Management
  • IS 235 Emergency Planning
  • IS 240 Leadership and Influence
  • IS 241 Decision making and Problem Solving
  • IS 242 Effective Communication
  • IS 244 Developing and Managing Volunteers
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness Level
  • Hazardous Materials Operational Level
  • County Title VI training
  • GPS/ Land Navigation
  • TEMA Rad
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Operations
  • Emergency Vehicle Operations Training

Other required training:

Basic and Advanced Search and Rescue Operations – multiples available

The person hired for this position will be allowed a twenty-four month period to complete all required training listed above and to achieve FEMA Professional Development Series Certification.
This person will on occasion be required to make response deployments both long term and on routine response requests.  This involves being available at times on a 24-7 basis and wearing a pager when on call.
  • Application may be picked up from the Marshall County Human Resources Office, 3309 Courthouse Annex, 3rd floor, Lewisburg, TN 37091 or obtain from
  • Completed application and resume will be accepted until 4:00pm on June 7th, 2019 by the Marshall County Human Resources Office.
  • Absolutely no late or faxed applications will be accepted.